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Artist Profile Part 1

Ever had to write an Artist Profile?

I wrote my first one in the middle of this passed March, I entered an art contest for an online gallery.

I have learned that such a profile is essential for gallery submissions.

They are meant not to be to wordy, although since, I need to get better at writing them and I have a blog, I'm going to do one here today.

It will be written with more words and whimsy than gallery etiquette would likely allow, and will hopefully serve as a bio for the gallery that is this website.

At the age of four my family of five pulled up to an old farmhouse for rent in Evansville Indiana.

We rented it. It sat right next to Green River Road on the plot of land that has since been swallowed by shopping centers, one Menard's and one Meyers.

My parent's having come from the Louisville area would refer to Evansville as a "small town".

In my lifetime I've never seen it that way. Green River road was one of the busiest thorough fairs on the east side, even back then. Both of the cities shopping malls were on that road, south of us.

The road certainly died down before it approached our place, but that stretch of the road has been widened by a lane and half or so presently.

Within a few years my father found a house for cheap. We moved from our rental into another house on Green River Road about a half mile north.

What I mean to say is that I am thoroughly Evansvillian, more particularly, East Side Evansvillian. I say that without any special measure of pride or shame.

This post will come in segments. Here is what I've been working on lately....

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