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Artist Spotlight: Tiélere Cheatem, All of the Multiverses in One

With a mixture of acrylics, some surviving oil paints, a sharpie and a canvas, Tiélere Cheatem , created a piece that would become the cornerstone of his belief in himself as an artist.

The piece is titled Back to Basics, and Tiélere intends to hang it in his studio to never forget the spark that started it all.

Tiélere is a Surreal Expressionist who works out of St Louis, MO.

He grabbed the swirling ideas and emotions from mind, and all of the ethereal spaces it created and combined them into his art style.

"All of the Multiverses into one" He says.

2015 was an important year for Tiélere. He decided, after a hiatus from art, that he would try again. He started an Instagram page and not long after a webpage, where he adopted the moniker "The Rusty Artist" and made a mission statement.

"Come with me and watch while I go from rusty to polished with each new piece!" He said to his followers.

Tiélere practices "La Beauté De Homme" which means The Beauty of Man. He explores the male form in a more sensuous way than is typically seen in western art with pieces like Vino Noir ( picture below), Dahlia Venus, and Les Hommes Nommes Minerva et Raquelle being prime examples, Himeros (my personal favorite) also has this principal on display.

The amount of energy per square inch contained in the subjects of his pieces is staggering, but I don't need to tell anyone that.

You can visit and see for yourself.

When Covid quarantine started Tielere started live streaming painting sessions from his home. This was when I truly became a fan of The Rusty Artist, because I too was trapped in doors. Watching Tielere paint, drink wine, and sing opera was just the kind of sophisticated explosion I needed in that tense time.

"People were trapped inside their four walls and they were going to find out what they really loved." He joked.

Tiélere grew up in Evansville Indiana. He loved art as far back as he can remember. He was sketching "as soon as he could hold a pencil." His family told him. He came out of the womb with the desire to create. He went to William Henry Harrison High School where he made art, and sang and performed on stage. He graduated in 2009 at which point he changed his name from Tyler to Tiélere pronounced


He drew inspiration from everywhere. Video game cover, from the likes of Soul Caliber and Supersmash Brothers. From Music, as he is himself a musician and often depicts musicians and instruments in his pieces.


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