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February 25, My first week out of the factory

Establish a brand, secure a means to make prints, promote yourself.

I've been busy since I left my full time job. I need to establish some revenue streams.

Streamline my instagram. I need to dip my pen into social medias that i've not used before such as "Tic Toc" and "Pinterest.

I published this underdeveloped website this week; as prepubescent as it may be, getting this thing going is a major triumph. I've always had trouble with doing the practical things in life. Art, music, story structure, I get those things, but the simplest of practical matters give me fits.

The pressure of having to replenish my retirement savings and establish a better life for my family than my recent post, which had generous pay and benefits for an entry level job, gave us; fuels my focus for now. If I left my job only to scrape by or fall short, that'll be hard for me to reconcile.

Determined creatives will persevere. So I only need to stay determined.

My brother, his partner, my wife, and I have started recording a podcast to be. It will cover art in the greater Evansville area, the effect of video games on creative expression of midwesterners, and adult adhd (which has at least three of us on the podcast have discovered we have rather recently, the recognition of it has, for the most part, greatly helped us to increase our productivity.)

We'll also cover goal setting, because we've all been doing so much of that lately.

To wrap this up I would like to talk about an artist from or out of Evansville Indiana.

For the sake of brevity I will talk about the person who helped me get interested in art.

James Thiry is a painter, digital artist, and tattoo artist. He is an expert at using the color green to add depth to his often nature-centric pieces. One of his latest pieces is a digital design of an owl, he then engraved the design in wood with some laser gizmo. It has a pale luminescence that is incredibly striking.

His work can be found on and on his instagram page "Thiryart". He's an incredible talent and worth checking out, especially if you're in Newburgh In or the greater Evansville area

What I've been up to this week:

These all represent my movement towards a distinct style and "brand", because everyone has been telling me that that is something I should. Happy arting everyone. Thanks for reading. Feel free to contact me via email on or message me on instagram pmudd1010!

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