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I Started Keeping a Journal. Suck it ADHD!

I've written before about the chaotic swirl of thoughts in my mind constantly. I know I'm not alone. Fellow creatives, ADHD sufferers, and anyone else who has nothing else to read right now, we all feel the discomfort of brain congestion.

I feel silly for not having kept a journal sooner. I do call myself a writer after all.

The affects that keeping a journal have had on my ADHD management are astounding! Now I wake up every day and I write. I exercise that chaos like Constantine, straight out of my mind and onto a page. Then I write about what I'm going to do that day. It's really that simple.

I have a pictorial mantra now. I think I'll have it tattooed to the inside of my left forearm so that it often looks me in the face when I'm idling. It's a picture of a quill leaving an ink trail, plus a sunrise, equals a bird getting a worm.

ADHD is a cognitive disorder that affects executive function. It may be hard to imagine unless you have it, but I go through my entire day without giving a single thought to what tasks I will do and when I will do them. I have a vague idea sometimes, like a foggy shape, of what my day will entail, but I'm always just firing from the hip. I realize that this extreme lack of any sort of order of operations is a result of more than ADHD, but the method or lack there of does nothing in the way of increasing my productivity.

I enjoy writing, but I still get intimidated by it. Doing it first thing on something as low pressure as a journal entry gets my mind in a state that is more prepared to do more of the same through out the rest of the day. I've already started after all. I don't worry about formatting it correctly, I just take a 7mm Pilot G2 gel pen, black of course, to whatever notebook is closest to me and start marking it up.

I write whatever is on my mind, then I write what I intend to do that day, then I take that very same pen and I doodle or sketch. Art. It's what I'm supposed to be doing anyway.

Journalling is the most low maintenance task that has ever completely changed my life.

I also have three weeks worth of potential blog content tabulated, so you can look forward to hearing from me more frequently! Good day. Let's stay creative together.

Also my next post will be about what I've done the last couple of months. I was in Georgia all of July working helping set up wireless at Georgia Southern University. Several paintings I did in June were framed and are now available for sale in my shop!

Dimensions are posted on my site, feel free to contact me with any inquiries.

Tune in this Friday for my next post. Good Day! :)

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