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If You're Feeling Froggy Type

I felt numb for a long time.

Couldn't look folks in the eye, read their micro-expressions, read a room. I've said more shockingly inappropriate things than I can count, also I rarely know when I've said something abrasive so I don't stop to keep stock.

I spent a LOT of time not knowing why people get upset about the sorts of things they get upset about. I still maintain that THEY are the weirdos. I know logically that they aren't, and that communication and emotion are so intrinsically linked in most people that small verbal missteps can really ruin a day.

I know this because here and there, people were courteous enough to tell me, after cooling down, that I said something really messed up. That doesn't mean I have to be o.k. with that little fact of life.

My lessons in verbal communication will continue until the day I die.

Art is often associated with emotion. Art is also associated with a particular side of the brain, as is emotion. I can't help but feel like my wires are crossed in that regard and that maybe my art is often just a trippy collage of feelings that I should have had. Needless to say I have a hard time feeling emotions these days though, and when I do, I write.

No one looks me in the eyes when I do it. I don't have to worry about people scanning for subtle shifts in my facial muscles. You know "signs of weakness".

I can simply, easily, transfer my thoughts into words without the pressure conversation brings.

It feels good and I highly recommend it.

Or you can doodle or hit a punching bag.

Anything to take that energy that fires when you have an emotion or, in my case, think that you should have had an emotion, and channel it. Not to be productive, although I'll never knock productivity, but just to dissipate that energy.

Emotions may be vestigial structures. Remnants of a species that at one point needed a chemical call to action. Sometimes we still need that, I know, but usually they're just feelings that make us lose our objectivity. We still have them though. A lot of us have them in abundance. They're emotional calls to action, so channel them.

Write, doodle, punch, dance, run a lap. Dissipate that energy. People might like what you do, hopefully you're one of them.

Let's dissipate some energy and stay creative together.

Soon I will do my first "Artist Spotlight". I'll interview an artist and write about the interview I'll also post the interview on the same blog for those of you "I'll wait for the movie" types.

Below are some pictures, for looking at :)

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