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Life After Manufactoring, The Hard Part....

Eleven years of 401k. I'm withdrawing it in full to buy the time I need to establish myself.

I will be freelance, I may work part time, but, I. Will. Be. Freelance.

Every financial advisor I spoke to told me that I was doing the wrong thing, but I need financial simplification now. Paying off my house will take pressure off of me, my car, my credit card etc. I hate thinking about things like that, so the best thing I can think to do for myself right now, is to eliminate as many payments as I can. I want free of the things that make, and made me feel compelled to go into the that factory everyday and deal with the monotony.

Even if that money has grown in my 401k account I'm breaking it out early to fund my growth. If I don't use it now, I'll have to be someone's employee.

I have the most money making potential working for myself. Creating is my talent. I live and breath to create. Until I establish revenue streams that come from the fruits of my own creativity, I don't give a damn about interest rates and market growth.

When I put my first chunk of wealth to throw at a fund I will let the financial experts manage its growth. They can work in their art of growing my money X percent each year.

So I can focus on my art form, and how to monetize it. Happy hunting everyone, let's be creative together.

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