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Life After Manufacturing, defeat, and so on and so on.....

Sold! 8.5*12 Adult, Jaded Ness (Of the wonderful game just added to the switch snes online catalog "Earthbound" fame. He's also a staple character in the "Super Smash Brothers" series.

Defeat in my eyes and a nicotine stained spirit. That's how I would've described myself if I dared to look in the mirror today.

I have these spurts of hyper activity where I produce and produce. Then there are lulls where it feels like I'm getting nothing done.

I've hired an agency to optimize my webpage and I've enlisted a friend's help to optimize social media integration into my page. So far it's been a lot of spending with no earning.

I tried to get in the zone by doing several anatomical studies. I hated them, I don't even know if they were bad it just my be part of those lulls, but I persevere.

It's 1:26 am central time right now.

I just sold my first piece of art. I was trying to design a logo for myself then I had switched over to another anatomical sketch.

This time i was liking it.

I saw that an artist friend had posted a gorgeous self portrait energized with wild sporadic color, I loved it so I shared it to some artist friends on Instagram.

"Do you still have Adult Jaded Ness?"

Was the response I received from @zzzeby. He bought it right then. I'll ship it tomorrow. It's especially uplifting because @zzzeby is an incredible artist on Instagram.

To have someone with that kind of eye for beauty want to pay money for something I've made is a whole new euphoria.

Check out his photography on instagram!

Let's stay creative!

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