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Life After Manufacturing, getting a print, getting noticed, and a gallery

It's in the mail, headed my way. A print from a former evansvillian, and now, St. Louis based creator Tielere Cheatem. The print is called "Midnight Vino", and it looks like,

that. Also If you'd like to see more of his work visit or check him out on instagram @theoriginalrustyartist

I'm very excited to have such a striking picture on my wall! It's a whole room kind of picture. You don't need any other decorations in there with it.

Getting this print reminds me that I need to get print samples so I can start making prints of my work. I'm sending Mr. Cheatem what will be my first print Monday. I'll get to see what something I've done looks like in print form, and I'm thinking that I'll select one of my pictures to make 10 limited edition copies and see if they move.

Self promotion is an awkward sort of thing, but it's all I've been doing lately. I think I'm starting to like it.

I like blogging to.... I dreamed of being a writer after all, and this is much closer to it than sealing shell bodies in a Toyota factory.

I even set up a Tic Tok and made some time lapse videos of myself doodling. (That sounds bad.) I'll do another one tonight.

I going to shamelessly plug my Tic Tok here. Look me up on Tic Tok! @petemuddillustrations .

You won't see me dancing on there though. I also said you'd never see me on Tic Tok. Dammit now I have to learn to dance.

Everything has been nice since I left Toyota, though. I've stayed motivated, I've never been more hungry in my life! (Figuratively, we are OK.) My thinking, although still very scattered and erratic, is closer to being linear now.... kind of.....

I write down goals for everyday, even small things. Sometimes, some of them get done.

Anways, here's to staying hungry y'all. Lets be creative together.

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