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Saturday Watercolor Showcase!!!

In middle May I started watercolor painting. At first I saw it as a way to color my illustrations. I didn't like how grainy projects would turn out when I used colored pencils. I thought watercolor my be a good way for me to learn more about coloration. I had drawn and doodled leisurely at several points throughout my life, but I had almost never used color.

It was clear to me that I was going to have to start taking color seriously.

What kind of artist was I, if had so little control over color.

I immediately took to watercolor paint. It was such a departure from the sharp black gel lines I was used to rendering things with. Learning to rely on dramatic changes in color value and saturation to define the edges of things was a huge adjustment, but this new exercise stimulated parts of my brain that had seen very little electricity before.

I sold one piece already, I will include it in this post's gallery but it is no longer in the shop.

Royal Orange 13 and 5/8 * 10 * 1 inches, Pyrabirdseye View 13.5 * 10 *5/8 inches, Square Jaw 17 * 14 * 1.5 inches

T.V. Devil Eye 18.75 * 15.5 * 1 inches. SOLD.

All of these pieces were framed by the Rumjahn Gallery and Framery in Evansville Indiana with museum grade glass that minimizes glare. The water colors are originals and are thus pricey, but if you're looking for more affordable decor, my prints are on sale for considerably cheaper. Shop around, spend some time on the site, check out my past blog posts. Thank you for reading.

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