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Specific Dreams, Life After Manufacturing

Have you ever met a person with a very specific dream?

I know someone who wants to write scripts for professional wrestling. I know somebody who wants to be a voice actor.

Specific dreams are such a beautiful thing. Right now all I could say about myself is that I want to be a writer and an artist, but what if I wanted to be a bird artist who only uses gel pens? What if I wanted to only write cookbooks?

I mentioned before that 3 other people and myself are starting a podcast. We recorded several sessions of conversation. We spoke about how art is so often associated only with the fine arts, painting and such. We talked about wanting to find the artistry in things that may get over looked. Like wrestling scripts, voice acting, yacht architecture, archery, etc.

I love the idea of having such a specific idea of what you would most like to do, and I love that there are people out there going for it. Godspeed to all of those folks. Thank you for enhancing so many of the things we love while knowing you're mastery of your craft will go unnoticed to most.

Anyway week two of unemployment has been productive. I've posted regularly, I've began getting serious about adding color to my art. Color, it turns out, is considered to be a pretty important aspect in art to most. I preferred to doodle shapes with black pen on white paper, but I think as I fumble along with colored pencils I grow more appreciative of the beauty of color. It's also really satisfying to smooth out the granular colored pencil lines with a blending stick or q-tip dipped in vegetable oil. (Thanks for telling me about that @Maryanimagus!).

Below I will post a few of the things Ive done this week, amateur dives into color that, in my opinion could have turned out much worse.

This picture ^, is for an art contest for on instagram. If you've not played the video game Earthbound for the SNES, it is now available on the Nintendo Switch if you are an online member. If you are familiar, you should give a follow!

For my next blog post, either tomorrow or Thursday, I'm going to take a close look at 3 pieces of art from an evansvillian treasure. This will be interesting because I usually don't look at art for longer than a minute. I'm going to post the pictures and talk about them, a blog gallery of sorts.

Please join me to admire art, and Email me at with your thoughts on my content. Let's be creative together!

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