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The Enchanted Trumpet

I've written short stories before. Several of them.

Many of them I have never edited. I've wanted to be a writer for a long time now. I write everyday. I journal. I write papers about ideas I have.

My thoughts have a distinct narrative structure to them. Expelling those thoughts from my mind, as I mentioned in my blog "I've Been Journalling Everyday, Suck It ADHD!", is very therapeutic.

The Enchanted Trumpet is based on a few pages I wrote about a fairy tale I imagined.

I will release the story in segments. I use Tik Tok to show an illustration and then I use the speech to text feature to narrate the text over peaceful music.

The story follows a young man who seeks to use magic to win the heart of a women with whom he is in love. He enlists the mystical expertise of a lady Shaman who gives him an incantation allowing him access to the plane in which Tiamat, the eternal toddler and embodiment of chaos and potential, resides.

Tiamat, being a playful and unpredictable creature who doesn't understand mortal notions like love on a personal scale, imbues the man's trumpet with sentience.

The man is in shock and awe of Tiamat and the plane in which it resides. In his excitement he leaves his Trumpet behind in the woods. The Trumpet only knows of a deep desire to be played by the man, but in his absence, and without any knowledge of its surroundings, the Trumpet seeks refuge in the hollow of a nearby tree.

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